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So you want to feel oneness with the Universe

On the other side of your gift is divinity.

There are as many ways to connect with the universe as there are stars in the sky. As a spiritual guide and life coach I am not here to tell you which is correct. I am here to help you find your own path of truth. Yet on any path as a human being there are gifts given to us to help us find our way. And the funny thing is you’ve had two keys to touching divinity since the day you were born:

Breathe & Sound

(movement is another!)

As soon as you were born these two gifts were given to you by life to stay in touch with yourself. They are the primal connection to life itself — you never have to doubt it — they are natural to you. You might’ve just forgotten.

Babies breathe into their bellies with ease, they exhale and make sounds that move their life force energy through their bodies. It’s always been with you.

They have been the foundation for many spiritual practices for thousands of years, from breath-work, meditation to ohming, toning, chanting, and singing.

So if you don’t know where to start, or need to return to the basics — start with deepening your relationship with breath and sound to connect with your spirit. Allow yourself to become like a baby. Imagine how they move and make sound without any hesitation or suppression. These living tools are your birth right, claim these gifts from life by getting in touch with yourself.

For your reflection:

  1. Try breathing as deep as you can, where does it stop? Practice breathing deeper there.

  2. When you exhale a big breath can you challenge yourself to make a sound for how you feel? Try to make the sound very clear.

  3. Taking a deep full breath, how long can you tone “Ahhhh” — this is a sound for the heart chakra. Try it 3-5 times.

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