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Wonder is the beginning
 of wisdom.

↠ Socrates ↞

jocelyn lee

∞ spiritual guide, life & relational coach, mystic & expressionist ∞

At the core, I'm a mystic, a lover of the human experience, a humble healer of the human spirit. Those are the roots of my profession. As a young child I frequently pondered, 'What is the meaning of life, and why am I here?” Life-long wonder lead me on a long and broad spiritual path that included religion to spirit plant medicine, crystals to tantra, singing to astrology. 


In 2013, after completing my BA in Communications and Sociology, training in Shamballa Reiki and Crystal healing, I started my first energy healing and spiritual guidance practice in Vancouver, Canada.

A few years later I met my former partner and we decided to travel the world to live and work as digital nomads while searching for a spiritual community to call home. We stayed in the jungles of Costa Rica, amongst the rice paddies of Bali, the mountains of India, and to my surprise have found myself rooting here for the last 6 years in the Nordics of Copenhagen, Denmark. 

I believe a meaningful life is created by expressing and receiving through your heart and soul in all areas of life: yourself, with others, in the work you do, and with the earth. For me, this is the definition of success - living my life in deep connection. 

My polarised and diverse experiences have given me the range, depth, ability, and capacity to empathize and empower people with different backgrounds and desires. I’ve worked as a waitress, a business owner, and a corporate freelancer. I’ve had a sex-positive history, near sex-less partnerships, and a committed 5-year authentic relationship. I’ve had low self-worth, complete self-love, and oneness with the universe.


Through these life changes in my work, my relations, and within myself, I gained the wisdom to allow what is out of my control to dance with my power to create. Growing through challenges has beautifully defined and refined my way of being.

This is where my passion and calling to be of service comes from, this is the answer to my childhood question. My own journey of life from the mundane to the magic are the ingredients that have prepared me to offer my spiritual guidance and coaching. I have forged a path from the inner realms to the outer world over and over again, and with this experience, I help you find your own way through. 

You'll find all my experience, passion projects, and some fun information below. If there is resonance to work with me, I look forward to meeting you.

education, training & experience

B.A. Communications & Sociology, Simon Fraser University

2013, Vancouver

Shamballa Energetics & Reiki with Judith Ahnika Paul

Practitioner 2013, Master 2014, Vancouver

Koi Chi Healing - private energy healing and spiritual guidance practice

2013 - 2017, Vancouver

Crystal Healing Practitioner with Christa Lynn

2014, Vancouver

50 hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bernie Clark & Diana Batts

Yoga Alliance 2016, Vancouver

Gong Masters Facilitators Program with  San Jay Hallon

2017, Bali

Re-Parent Your Inner Child Course with Lisa J. Smith

2018, Copenhagen - Human Relations & Culture Manager

2018 - 2019, Copenhagen

IKEA - Learning Developer at Ingka Group Digital

2020 - 2021, Malmö

Coacharya’s Accredited Coach Training Program with Michael Cullen

2020, Copenhagen

Positive Psychology course by Dr. Barbara Frederickson

2021, Copenhagen

ISTA Level 1 - with Dawn Cherie Ezrah, Komala Lyra, Makatu Roni, and Simon Marvel

2021, Azores, Portugal

Search Inside Yourself, mindfulness training by Google

2021, Copenhagen

Coacharya's Group Coaching Program with Michael Cullen

2021, Copenhagen

ART International - Authentic Leadership Training with Dayne Seraye & Natasha Figueroa Husted

2021, Copenhagen

Authentic Relating Training - Level 1 with Natasha Figueroa Husted & Daniel Brooks

2021, Copenhagen

Authentic Relating Training - Level 2 with Natasha Figueroa Husted & Daniel Brooks

2021, Copenhagen

Support team for Power of Eros Splash Retreat with Albert Bitton, Aleksandra Love, & Ananda Amit Angelo

2022, Poland

Authentic Relating Training - Level 3 with Christopher Gray, Margo Fisher, and Natasha Figueroa Husted 

2023, France

Authentic Relating Training - Level 4 Facilitator Certification with Dayna Seraye and Natasha Figueroa Husted 

2024, Online

a little more about me

pisces sun & rising

scorpio moon, and year of the snake.

energy projector

and 4/6 opportunist/role mode profile in Human Design

type 2: helper

in Enneagram

INFP (the mediator)

in 16 personalities


claircognizant and clairsentient

spirit plant medicine

entheogen/psychedelic traveler & space holder

festival, retreat, training enthusiast

(i.e. Pachamama, OSHO meditation resort, Tantra festivals, Ängsbacka, ISTA)

animal & nature lover

Raised 2 furbabies: Nala, a labradoodle, and Osho, a husky-malamute

selected work & creations

Women's Sharing Circle

In person & online, 2018 - current

Creating safe spaces for diverse women to share their unique stories and experiences of womanhood in sisterhood in Copenhagen.

Visit our community.

Blooming Women

Retreat & workshops, 2019

A camping retreat in nature and bi-weekly workshop gatherings designed to empower women through the wisdom of nature's life cycle.  Co-created with Phytotherapist / Herbal Therapist, Rosanna Damstoft.

Learn more.

Take the Lead

A 4-month course, 2019

Designed with to initiate your inner potential and passion by discovering your deepest values that motivate your actions. Learn applicable creator and leadership skills to help turn your ideas into an action plan.

More about the course.

making it - redefining success

Creator and host, 
Podcast, 2019

Redefining success for a new generation by inspiring diverse work cultures & life purposes. Stories of real experiences from real people making it.

Listen to the episodes.

Shakti Diaries

Creator and host,
Interview series, 2016 - 2017

These intimate interviews empower women to embrace their own unique path, there is no one way that is better than the other. Be part of real, deep, and liberating conversations and enjoy divine feminine content.

View the full episodes.

↡↡ sharing my personal journey and insights on insta @iamjocelynlee ↡↡

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