The greatest leap in our modern human history will be in our exploration of artificial intelligence. Yet most of the development and vision is through the male lens, leaving out feminine values in an unprecedented source of power. This is most notable in the existing android who are all modeled after women.

Recently, it has become obvious that outdated models of patriarchal governance have put our humanity in grave dangers environmentally, politically, economically and socially. The new paradigm shift is going to be the technological revolution - the birthing of a new consciousness, and the feminine perspective needs to be part of the whole process.

With a more humanistic, empathetic and compassionate approach, the future of AI can shift from a power struggle of apocalyptic survival to one that creates equality, abundance, and freedom for all. With some foresight, open-minded possibilities and a game-changing perspective of women as necessary caretakes of this new consciousness, our future can be one to celebrate instead of fear.

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